Investing in management matters.

Research shows that 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined by a team’s manager.
And yet, people are often put in managerial positions without the training, resources or ongoing support they need to be set up for success.
They’re promoted from individual contributor to manager or they’re the founder of a new business. They’re expected to figure it out as they go. Sink or swim.
I’m sure you’ve had this manager. Or you are this manager. Wishing you had the roadmap to be an effective leader. Maybe wishing you had someone to guide you along the way.
I’m glad you’re here. Outstanding management is possible and should be the norm, not the exception. It’s time to proactively invest in managers and teams!
I created Together Transformation because I believe in the power of working together.
But working together can be hard. We are human beings after all! And we bring all of ourselves to work– our emotions, our fears, our assumptions, our past experiences, our expectations. It is easier to work with others when we are aware of these parts of ourselves, when we share them and we embrace them.
I work with Founders, Managers and Emerging Leaders to build workplaces where people can contribute authentically and meaningfully.
Through 1-on-1 coaching and team workshops, I work with them to build and sustain effective teams. I work with them to increase productivity and hit their goals by investing in people. By investing in relationships.

My Story

Hi! I am Alex Black, founder of Together Transformation. I am an experienced manager, coach and teacher with a passion for team development. I believe in a world that works for everyone and that starts with our teams. In order to transform our workplaces and communities, we can start by transforming our relationships with the people we work with every day.

The quality of our relationships, personal and professional, directly impacts the quality of our life. As much as we’d like to just ignore or work around people we don’t naturally get along with, we can’t. Our relationships impact our mental health. They impact our ability to perform. I’ve been there! We’ve all been there.

After a decade of managing teams, I decided to let my purpose — of helping people connect authentically and meaningfully — be my north star.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned along the way:

  • People don’t listen to or learn from people they don’t trust. My 9th grade students quickly taught me the value of investing in authentic relationships.
  • One person can completely change the dynamic of a group. My teams at Teach For America, Citizen Schools and Reading Partners taught me the importance of coming together to reset whenever someone joins or leaves.
  • How you start is really important. My graduate school consulting team invested most of our time in the first 30 days defining our purpose, norms and roles. We shared our strengths, fears and the experiences that shaped our working styles. We were an incredibly joyful and effective team
  • Don’t assume strategies that worked with one team will work for another. Honestly, Daenerys Targaryen taught this lesson best. She assumed she could lead as she always had and that everyone in The North would be on board. She didn’t invest new team members (Starks, etc.) in her vision or take the time to learn about what motivated them. And so, they didn’t trust her, they resented her, she internalized that resentment, and well…I won’t spoil the ending for you.

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